What the Pro's are saying

If you thought getting a tooth crowned was just about as boring and painful as watching the Vikings lose, you’ve got something to learn.  I broke a tooth while driving and eating beef jerky.  (I don’t think this is against the law yet.)  My regular dentist was three hours away and I needed this taken care of this now!  I did a google search on “Nisswa Dentist“ and Nisswa Smiles, Dr. Luke Waln, DDS showed up.  I made an appointment.  

This place is located right in the middle of downtown Nisswa, in case you like to shop or get a cup of coffee.  From the minute I walked in, I knew this is not your typical dental office.  The place looks like a log cabin on Gull Lake, complete with fire place and leather sofa.  The kids’ corner was even equipped with an Apple Wii.  I wanted to try it out but felt a little too big and old to sit in those small chairs.
Once in the procedure chair I felt like I was in a rocket ship, completely equipped with a HD TV - and they gave me the remote.  My wife doesn’t do that!  I flipped though the weather channel, CNN and Fox News.  I felt productive even if I wasn’t.  Dr. Waln, proceeded to take pictures of my broken tooth and showed me the problem and his recommendation on the HD TV.  Not a pretty picture but very effective.  
The neatest part was when Dr Waln designed my crown on his computer right in front of me.  He made a perfect tooth, much better than the way we used to get crowns.  You know, take an impression and come back a week or two later to get it installed.  
I walked in with a broken tooth and when I walked out, I was all fixed up.  Job complete, one happy camper! This took weeks in the past, Dr Waln does it in a couple hours.  Not bad for a first time experience.  They even called the next day to see how I was doing.  

If you need dental work in the Brainerd Lakes Area you need to check this out.  I give it Five Stars.  Free coffee and cookies to boot!

Getting your tooth crowned is not the way your parents did it