Just released "Oaks Starts New Service, Easy Salt"

It came to me by surprise, keeping my water softener filled with salt is a pain and a bit of a burden.  I own two homes and it seemed each time I arrived at the other place my wife gave me the word, "no soft water!"

Normally this would not be a problem to fix, but I struggled to get this done.  First I forgot to write it down.  When asked again the "I forgot" came up.  This time I bought salt while paying at the check out but forgot to throw it in the cart when leaving.  Another blunder!  After returning to the store I found what I wanted to buy was different than what they charged me for.  How did this happen?

For me too carry two 40 pound bags of salt (I only buy two because I only want to take one trip too the basement) requires three doors and a GPS to get down the steps and around the stuff left over from college kids home on break.  Once next to the softener the easy open bag seems not to be very easy to open, quite a struggle to say the least.  I added the two bags and it seems to barely cover the water in the bottom of the tank.

The Idea struck me that I should hire some guy that loves to play high school football to do this.  (not to mention my own kids won't do it) The guy could make a little seed money for the coffee shop or more likely fast food.

Check it out Easy Salt Delivered to Your Door

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